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Kathy A Smith

How Can You Benefit From Having a Veteran Versatile Writer on Your Team?

I’ve always been a born communicator.

In office jobs, I was often praised for being an organized and diligent “head-down” kind of worker who had excellent customer service and interpersonal skills, along with an innate ability to know how to instantly blend in with a team. Those traits, along with my endless curiosity about the everyday things, sounds, places and people put me into eternal observation mode.

After more than 20 years in the 9-5 work-a-day world, I left it in the late 1990s and settled into the life of a writer.

From humble beginnings I’ve remained that way

My first published article was about a local restaurant. The $20.00 I was paid spurred my interest. It wasn’t the amount. It was the fact that it meant I was a published writer!

Then I started writing for more local newspapers and health magazines. At the same time, I was working as a virtual assistant, helping business coaches manage their businesses, all the while writing a lot of their marketing materials. During my 15 years in the coaching industry, I’ve worked at nearly every level, from VA to copywriter, project and team manager.

Simultaneously, while giving my work-a-day time to my coaching clients, I was also busy amassing a portfolio of over 65 articles that focused on business, health and mental health topics. Yes, I did venture farther than my locals and started writing virtually for national publications, including Reader’s Digest.  Early on in this journey, I became the mental health columnist for Health Care News. Interestingly enough, this whole odyssey began when a colleague of mine commented that my ability when taking minutes of meetings to remove all the inane conversation while keeping only the most important points, was a good reason to try writing articles. (I even tried my hand at tele-captioning for the deaf!)

What do the coaching and marine industries have in common? For me, a lot, actually…

Spurred on by one of my early business coaches, I entered into the realm of the marine industry because of my passion for ships. And I found my VA and writing skills transferred quite nicely! I began working for companies such as a marine sonar technology organization, a boat builder, software company and more. I even assisted a world-renown maritime archaeologist with a variety of tasks, which included high-level writing, like reviewing book manuscripts and archaeological reports!

Then I found trade magazine writing and things got even more interesting. 🙂 I have spent over five years writing for some of the largest circulations and well known maritime publications such as IHS Safey at Sea, Pacific Maritime Magazine, Maritime Reporter, Marine News, Marine Propulsion, Offshore Support Journal and more. And I happily report that I’ve been the Above Board columnist for Pacific Maritime Magazine for two years.

B2B is a particular specialty

Being drawn to the B2B world, I love writing marketing materials for marine, business coaching, hospitality, concrete and more. In addition, I’ve written for several marketing agencies who cater to B2B.

The result of all this experience?

  • For over 20 years, solo-entrepreneurs and organizations in various industries have trusted me to get their message across in a practical, yet easy-to-understand way. Yes, I’ve been told more than once that I have a talent for presenting technical information in non-technical prose.
  • I’ve written everything from newsletters to web content, sales pages, magazine articles, email campaigns and more. I’ve also copy-edited over a dozen self-help/entrepreneurial books and several academic books and reports.
  • A quick study and excellent project manager, clients can rely on my ability to get right down to the brass tacks of what’s needed and write copy that requires very little editing.

Time to get an experienced writer on your team? Send me an email at or call me at (250) 361-3121. Chances are I’ll do just fine blending in with your team, too!