Content Samples

Quick-study abilities and diverse writing talents help bring your copy to life

Below are selected writing samples.

Coaching Industry (coaches, speakers, authors, trainers)

Sales Pages

With every one of these sales pages, I also provided several marketing emails, social media posts, affiliate emails, and more.

The following are samples of various other marketing materials I’ve written. Click on the links to open the PDF files.

B2B Clients

Press Release

White Paper

Print Brochure

Newspaper, Magazine and Trade Articles

I’ve authored over 175 articles in more than 25 publications, including Reader’s Digest. I’m the past monthly mental health columnist for Health Care News (now defunct). Currently, I write a monthly news brief column for Pacific Maritime Magazine called Above Board.



Health/Mental Health

Trade Magazines (over 100 published articles)

Safe Cruising Down Under with Australian Reef Pilots

Keeping it Real

Big Data, Big Possibilities

Promise of the Arctic 2015

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